BOOK TALK: “A Window Opens”

Alice Pearse thought she would live happily ever after, then she realized she was in the wrong story.

Alice Pearse plays many roles (she never refers to this as “wearing many hats” and wishes you wouldn’t either). She is a mostly happily married mother, an attentive daughter, an ambivalent dog owner, a part-time editor, a loyal neighbor, and a Zen commuter. She is not: a cook, a decorator, an active PTA member, a natural caretaker, or the bread-winner. But when her husband makes a radical career change, Alice is ready to lean in—and she knows exactly how lucky she is to land a job at Scroll, a hip young start-up that promises to be the future of reading. Fans of “Where’d You Go Bernadette and “The Storied Life of AJ Fikry” will cheer as Alice realized the question is not whether it’s possible to have it all, but what does she–Alice Pearse–want the most?



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